Saturday, August 7, 2010

Ummm.. That's What She Said

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Ok, so we were joking at work the other day about whipping up a "that's what she said" Bayes classifier. Someone pointed out that you could use a Twitter search for #twss to train it. A couple hours later I found my self on the bus coding it up. The result is the twss gem. Check it out on github. Usage looks something like this:
    requre 'twss'
    TWSS("Have you checked out that file?") # => false
    TWSS("Yeah... I think it's too big") # => true
The classifier and twitter gems do all the heavy lifting. Yes, I realize this is childish, lowbrow humor, but I just couldn't resist seeing if it would work. Turns out it works enough to be funny. Expect an IRC bot soon :) UPDATE: IRC bot can be found here

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